Zucchini Harvest Starts

Watch out neighbors – my zucchini plants are producing.
This year, 2007, I planted two zucchini plants from seed. Wow. They are huge and have a lot of blooms on them. Other farmers in the area proclaim their zucchini is prodigious in production. Dona had one on her salad last night and said the taste was phenomenal…for zucchini.


One of my favorite recipes using zucchini is minestrone soup. I make this every year when the zucchini comes in from the garden.
Another favorite is zucchini bread. This one always goes over great. You can make it with frozen zucchini without sacrificing much taste.


Harvested Spinach – May 10

Yesterday the spinach planted on April 6 was ready to eat! The spinach is Baby’s Leaf Hybrid which, according to Dona, is delicious. Much better than store-bought…and no pesticides or other chemicals. Since spinach thrives in cool weather I will plant another batch in late summer and hope a freeze does not occur in the next 30 days (the planting-to-eating time lapse). So the package was right – 34 days in this case.

To harvest we nipped the leaf by hand near the base of the plant. Do not pull or else you may end up with the entire plant! Fortunately all the leaves are various sizes so spinach will be on the table for the next few weeks. It has been dry so the spinach gets watered every few days.

I hand-picked the weeds near the spinach and used a small rototiller in between rows. Pea vines are the most notorious weeds this time of year.


Onion Mishap

Onions did very well this year (2006). White and Red (actually they are purple) onions were the only ones I planted. After the garden was harvested and mowed, I noticed several onions were missed. Not to squander an opportunity, I dug several of them up and put them in our basement to dry (we have a dehumidifier). After a few weeks I grabbed one and it was mushy. The problem was I did not trim the green growth off them and they were growing again since we had an Indian summer. Oh well, I have about 100 more that are ready to cook.