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Carrots Planted in DDC Garden

23 May 2008

I decided to plant carrots, lots of them. Last year they grew pretty well. Fortunately it was not windy. The carrot seeds are so small it is hard to plant one at a time. I tap them out of the package.

Also, the onions were finished planting. I hope to get pictures up soon. The potatoes are doing well. The corn is poking its head through along with the zucchini and cucumbers.


s      yyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
s      rrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
a      bbbbbbbbbbbb
a      ccccccccccccc
z cu   ccccccccccccc
z cu   ccccccccccccc
z cu   ccccccccccccc
       ooooBBBB C YYYY JJJJ


a = asparagus (mary washington, 2 yr)
b = beans (blue lake bush 274)
B = big boy tomatoes
c = corn (early sunglow, yellow)
C = red chili pepper
cu = cucumbers
J = jalapeno pepper
k = kennebec potatoes
L = lettuce
o = Roma tomatoes
O = onions (yellow)
r = red pontiac potatoes
R = radish (cherry belle)
s = strawberries (June bearing, All star #1)
S = spinach (baby)
t = carrots (Nantes)
y = yukon gold potatoes
Y = yellow bell pepper (Golden California Wonder)
z = zucchini

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