More Planting in DDC Garden

5 May 2008

We have planted most items except tomatoes, peppers, and pumpkins. The assumption of the last no frost day is May 15th. A few years ago we tried planting on May 1st and there was a nasty frost on May 3rd. Quite unexpected.

I decided against carrots this year.

The potatoes are poking their heads through, finally. The asparagus was side-dressed with 12-12-12 fertilizer. Strawberries are growing pretty good but no flowers, yet. They get prepared at the end of harvest, around July, for next year’s crop.


s      yyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
s      rrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
a      bbbbbbbbbbbb
a      ccccccccccccc
z cu   ccccccccccccc
z cu   ccccccccccccc
z cu   ccccccccccccc


a = asparagus (mary washington, 2 yr)
b = beans (blue lake bush 274)
c = corn (early sunglow, yellow)
cu = cucumbers
k = kennebec potatoes
L = lettuce
r = red pontiac potatoes
R = radish (cherry belle)
s = strawberries (June bearing, All star #1)
S = spinach (baby)
y = yukon gold potatoes
z = zucchini