First Harvest of Zucchini, Tomatoes, Green Peppers, and Potatoes

13 Aug 2008: The first zucchini was harvested yesterday. Here we go. Zucchini are big producers and I expect to have a plethora of them in a week or so.

The green beans harvested were enough to make a small potful but bugs are getting to the leaves so I don’t expect to get much more (though there are a lot of flowers on the bean plants).

I harvested a bucketful of Yukon Gold potatoes mixed with a few Red Pontiacs. Naturally, I made a batch of herb-roasted potatoes to compliment kick-butt pork chops.

Green peppers are starting to come in. I’m going to let a few hang until they turn orange or red as they are sweeter and tastier. The jalapenos are looking good and I’ll try one in a few days.

The first Roma tomato was used on dougthecook pizza last night. Also picked a few Big Boy tomatoes.


Zucchini Harvest Starts

Watch out neighbors – my zucchini plants are producing.
This year, 2007, I planted two zucchini plants from seed. Wow. They are huge and have a lot of blooms on them. Other farmers in the area proclaim their zucchini is prodigious in production. Dona had one on her salad last night and said the taste was phenomenal…for zucchini.


One of my favorite recipes using zucchini is minestrone soup. I make this every year when the zucchini comes in from the garden.
Another favorite is zucchini bread. This one always goes over great. You can make it with frozen zucchini without sacrificing much taste.