Garden #2 Layout

Our gardening has gotten so large, we now have two gardens.

Garden #2 is about 8×13 feet. Most of it is nice Illinois black dirt, about 5 inches deep. It was made from ripping up an old 10×13 cracked concrete pad.

Last year, we planted spinach, Roma tomatoes, cherry tomato, zucchini, cucumber, red bell peppers.

Garden #2 layout as of 11 May 2010


mmm  z    ssss
mmm       ssss
mmm  z    ssss
r j j r   LLLL
       c  ssss
   b o h
   b o
  • b=basil (seed)
  • c=cucumber (seed)
  • h=cherry tomato
  • j=jalapeno
  • L=lettuce (seed)
  • m=chamomile (seed)
  • o = oregano
  • r=red bell pepper
  • z=zucchini (seed)

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