Garden Plowed and Ready for Next Year

Alas. The garden is plowed under. As in the past, the garden was chopped down using a weed mower on an Allis-Chalmers tractor. The scraps were raked up, burned, and the ashes evened out over the garden though if I was in town I would have put the scraps in the compost pile.

Last year I planted annual rye grass (green manure) which was plowed under in the spring. Unfortunately, the only place I could find it within reasonable driving distance went out of business. So this year the ground is bare.

Another tractor, an old Farmall, wasn’t charging the battery through its generator (yes, generator). After a few voltage measurements, we thought the voltage regulator was bad though it was put in a year ago. The generator was tested and had a new bearing put in. Yes, the regulator was bad. It was tested, too, and failed.


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