Garden Preparation 2008

Thu 27 March 2008

After a long, cold, snowy winter (February had the second highest snowfall since recording started) it is finally time to start up the vegetable garden.

We have rototilled the garden and raked up a lot of old corn stalks and various items. While walking up and down the rows I found old broken bricks, hand-made nails from yore, rocks, glass shards, corn cobs, unharvested potatoes, and other garden distractions. A few years ago I found an 185? half dollar!

Since the garden slopes slightly west to east and the plowing last fall left big dirt clods and ruts, I had to smooth over areas and break up dirt. I also spread out compost and finely chopped leaves from last year and worked them in with the rototiller.

The soil was very easy to work with as it had just enough moisture in it to prevent clouds of dust during rototilling.


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