Awesome Cherry Tomatoes – Oct 7

The cherry tomatoes are still coming! I planted “Husky Cherry Red” tomato plant which has grown 6 feet x 7 feet and about 1 to 2 fee high. It was fertilized once using 13-13-13. With a freeze expected within a week, I managed to nab 30 or so cherries which mostly end up on our salads. Penne pasta with cherry tomatoes is an excellent way to enjoy the garden’s bounty. Large clusters of green tomatoes still linger on the vine. We did not stake the plant; just let it grow.

Lime, which helps prevent blossom end rot, was not added to the soil.

We were lucky: no discernable pest damage. There was a period of no rain followed by a torrential downpour which caused several tomatoes to split. Because of a tall tree in our back yard, the plant did not get full morning sun.

The Lycopersicon lycopersicum or Husky Cherry Red tomatoes are part determinate demanding full sun. Maturity (from the time of transplant to your garden until fruit is ready to pick) is in about 65 days. One plant is plenty for a regular family. Here in central Illinois, the plant has produced from mid August to mid October. Cherry tomatoes are one inch in diameter.

Doug the Gardener

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