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A Cherry Tomato Abundance

Cherry tomatoes were not on the list this year to plant. Yes, they are good, but I did not want to plant them. Well, they planted themselves. Several volunteers came up, so it was decided to keep the best ones. Every day or so yields another few handfuls. Eaten raw, on salads, or in several cooked dishes (such as penne pasta with cherry tomatoes) they will disappear fast.


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Cherry Tomato Harvest

My wife has been waiting forever for cherry tomatoes. Finally harvest time is here. I have been out several times to the single plant we have and brought back several dozen cherry tomatoes each trip.

The cherry tomato plant has branched out and is about 6 feet across – at least that was today. It has been fertilized with 12-12-12 when the fruit began to appear. We have had several rains of around an inch so the plant has got deep root watering.

I had to hand water it a few times earlier. Before watering, I break up the soil crust with a hoe, watching that I do not go too deep. The idea is to get the soil loose enough so the water soaks in rather than runs off. It is a good idea to break the soil crust every few days just in case it rains but also important is to let air in.

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