Cherry Tomato Harvest

My wife has been waiting forever for cherry tomatoes. Finally harvest time is here. I have been out several times to the single plant we have and brought back several dozen cherry tomatoes each trip.

The cherry tomato plant has branched out and is about 6 feet across – at least that was today. It has been fertilized with 12-12-12 when the fruit began to appear. We have had several rains of around an inch so the plant has got deep root watering.

I had to hand water it a few times earlier. Before watering, I break up the soil crust with a hoe, watching that I do not go too deep. The idea is to get the soil loose enough so the water soaks in rather than runs off. It is a good idea to break the soil crust every few days just in case it rains but also important is to let air in.

DtG Doug the Gardener

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